Deck Pictures
Screen room and deck by Barnett Construction
Pool surround
20 feet above the Illinois River

A deck is an outdoor room. You might use it to cook, dine, lounge, or entertain. The uses of
your new custom deck are up to you!
We’ll help you explore all the options in decking, railings, benches, planter boxes, and
other deck accessories. A fire pit will brighten your family fun. We install outdoor kitchens
for entertaining, and outdoor lighting is a must. With a pergola, privacy screen, or other
unique feature, you’ll get more out of life in your own backyard.
The design process begins as we explore how you intend to use your new deck. Then,
bearing in mind your personal style, we artistically create a graceful transition between your
home and yard to produce an outdoor living space that is comfortable, functional and

Our numerous ideas and years of experience, combined with your personal preferences, will
result in a winning design that invites you to enjoy your backyard retreat every day.
You’ll Love Our Attention to Detail.
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