Frieze and Window design by Barnett Construction
Stone work under porch.
4" reveal Fibercement siding with 25 year finish
Zip-wall for  waterproofing and straightening.
Notice that we changed the
roof over the bay window and
covered with metal.
Above: We fabricated new decorative
pieces out of wood, plastic, and fiberglass.
Many old homes aren't breathing once they
are insulated.  These become "sick"
homes and the roofing fails prematurely,
they are in-efficient to heat and cool,
breed mold, have higher rates of illness.
We cut into ceiling and provided  venting
for the roof.
Enlarge this picture and notice the
working ventilation.  R38 insulation was
then blown in.
New Siding is a chance to really help your house
* Upgrade electrical and bring to code
*  Repairs made before the siding goes on                             
*  Rebuild the sub-fascia if needed
*  Upgrade insulation
*  Add interior outlets from the outside
*  Caulk and foam gaps prior to siding
*  Stop leaks
Siding NOT Hiding
Our idea to modernize the front peak
Whether fiber cement, LP Smart Siding, or Vinyl we can
help you choose the right siding for your house and budget.
Notice this house with out soffits and gables.  It not only looks better, it
functions better.  Now R38 insulation can be added to the ceiling without
moisture problems.  The soffits protect the exterior from run-off.
Above: Fish scale vinyl in gables
and triple 3
Above: Double 4 Vinyl
Above: Fiber Cement "Seal" in 7" Reveal