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Classic 12' x 12' in full rough sawn 2"Cedar
(Post to post outside dimension 10' x 10')
complete with factory stain.
only $4,154.00 installed

The Classic Series
They are built with 8" deep
full 2" thick purloins in either 12' or 16' lengths
Prime Alaskan Cedar
naturally guarding against insects and decay
The posts are all a full 6"x 6"
All corners have cross buck braces
and specifically designed hardware
Built to last
Classic 16'x 16'
(Post to post outside dimension 13' x 13')
complete with factory stain
only $4966.00 installed
Shown with oversize posts (8x8) upgrade  
colour: black alder
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Only $500 deposit required
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A Decorative and Functional Structure
The best alignment for sun shade is North-South with the main group of purloins.  However, and most importantly, the line of
sight as a decorative element should override the final decision.
These prices reflect installation on somewhat level patio or deck surface but they can be installed anywhere.  
These are large scale, overbuilt structures that will last for decades. It is hard to beat our prices and even harder to find the
quality.  By building several of these structures we have developed techniques and appearances that will last for decades.  
The prices here are for free standing only.     We can custom build for your situation.
* Travel costs are computed using Mapquest from scenic Ottawa, IL
After 100 miles the charge is $1.00 per mile
Pergolas ideas
Classic 12'  colour: Sikkens Natural Oil
Dado Construction
Not only looks good
Locks pieces together
Choose one of two sizes
12' x 12'    $4,154.00  
16' x 16'    $4,966.00
The Classic package is a sturdy structure.
This pergola can support a swing.
You will be contacted to
pick the detail cut for the ends.

Free factory finish
It is advised that you have us factory
stain this prior to installation.  They are
labor intensive to stain after they are up.
Oil base products will look the best
immediately letting the grain show,
last approximately 8 years
Solid coat stain can last 20 years
consistent quality.
*(less than 100 miles from scenic Ottawa, IL
charge of 1.00/mile after that)