About Our Business
We build:
New homes, additions,  decks, garages, and basement remodels
Decks, tile floors, we do fine trim work and make cabinets.
Complete kitchen and bath remodels, including steam rooms.  

Vinyl siding, LP, and fiber cement siding.

Pergolas and composite decks.

The person you see at the contract signing you will see everyday at your

We have been in business since 1995.

A long time ago we realized that the money we made was gone soon after
payday.  All you have left is the pride in your work.

We have built over four hundred decks and several dozen screen rooms
since 1995. We are specialized to take on decks with great efficiency and

We are insured, highly skilled, updated, attending seminars on all the latest
materials.  We have tested products for American manufacturers.  We have
created railing designs.

We will help you with design if you like.  

A project done by us will add value to your life.  We entered jobs with high
expectations from our customers and left everyone of them a satisfied


Richard Barnett
Carpenter for over 30 years
Licensed electrician
BS in Physics
About Us

A long time ago
we realized that the money
we made was gone soon
after payday.  
All you have left
is the pride in your
I can't believe how many guys
will try to build without a
detailed plan.  That's just too
hard.  This stage saves me
money and you your quality.
The "little" comprises add up.  

You care as a builder if your
warranty isn't over
" when the tail gate goes up."
A specialist in decks but we do a lot more.
There is
no way to
is the way
The Buddha

•        Trustworthiness – We provide a detailed deck plan and a written, guaranteed price. We’ve been building decks  for over 16 years.

•        Competence – We specialize in decks, porches,  and pergolas and have built hundreds of them.  We also do other carpentry projects.

•        Dependability – We show up on time and complete the project in a timely manner. We build with integrity, and we respect your property.

•        Accessibility – You can always reach me by phone or email.

•        Credentials – We hold all legal documents, licenses, bonds, and insurance; and we can obtain any permits for your project that might be required.

•        Security – We want you to feel secure in knowing that you're job will be done right and your warranty will be valid.

We understand that we‘re not the right fit for every project, but if you feel comfortable with what you have read, please call to see what we can do for you.
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